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Contact us when you're looking to:
  • ​Get finance pre-approved to purchase a home, investment or commercial property
  • Re-finance to take advantage of better interest rates or more flexible mortgages
  • Consolidate debt to access lower interest rates and get out of debt faster
  • Manage your existing mortgage with a view to getting it paid back faster
  • Stay with your existing lender but you want us to negotiate interest rates on your behalf​

​​New H​​ome Loan​
​Whether your looking to buy your first home or wanting to add to y​our property portfolio we can arrange a finance package to suit you & keep your repayments affordable.
​Re-Finance Existing Mortgage ​If your current fixed interest rates are due to expire then now would be an opportune time for us to negotiate your interest rates or look to other lenders to see whether a better deal can be made.
​Top Up If you want or need extra funds to renovate the home, take a family holiday, get that new car, consolidate debt or just want a buffer - then talk to us about getting a top up.
​Non-Bank Lending

For lending which is a little outside of the box we also deal with a number of non-bank and second tier lenders.

ANZ ASB Sovereign Co-operative Bank Westpac
SBS ASAP Finance Resimac Home Loans DBR Liberty FinancialSouthern Cross FinancialAvanit Finance

Personal Insurance

​Each person, family & business is different, and therefore have different risks to protect.

We can work with you to find the right solution to your risk needs, by putting the right cover in place, the right level of cover and at a price that's right for you.

We will give you professional advice so you can have peace of mind, knowing you are better prepared for life's unexpected events.

We subscribe to research software which compares and rates the quality of insurance products and their wordings, to make sure that what we recommend to you, will be the right solution for you.

​​Life Cover ​Life Cover provides a lump sum payment if you pass away or become terminally ill. Life Cover is designed to help reduce debt, pay for final expenses & provide an inheritance, amongst other things.
Trauma Cover
Trauma Cover pays you a lump sum of money to help you recover medically & financially from a covered condition. The most common conditions linked to trauma cover in New Zealand are cancer, heart attack & stroke.​
​Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) TPD Cover provides a lump sum payment should you completely lose your ability to ever work again (or carry on your normal tasks, if you are not employed), as a result of illness or injury.
​Income Protection ​Income Protection pays you a regular monthly payment if you're unable to work temporarily or permanently because you are sick or injured. Income Protection is designed to provide you with money to live while you're not receiving your salary or wages.
​Mortgage Repayment / Rent Cover Mortgage or rent cover pays you a regular monthly payment if you're unable to work temporarily or permanently because you are sick or injured. Mortgage or rent cover is designed to pay for your mortgage or rent while you're not receiving your usual income.
​​Health Insurance Health insurance provides the funding to enable you to have private hospital treatment whenever you require more immediate access or a broader range of treatment options than are available to you through the public health system.
​​Fire & General
i.e Home & Contents, Vehicle, Boat, Travel etc.
We have an arrangement with TOWER who look after our client's Fire & General insurances. We can have someone contact you directly to provide you with a competitive quote.


Business Insurance

Every business has three areas of vulnerability.

1. Business debt
Nothing can cripple, or sink a business fater than the inability to pay loan installments, tax bills, rent, salaries and suppliers. How would your business cope if key owners or employees were permanently out of the picture?

2. Business continuity
Productivity can be seriously disrupted when a key person becomes seriously ill, has an accident or passes.

3. Business owners
Death or disability can force change on your ownership structure, making it necessary to draw on cash reserves and assets. It is vital to formalise any shareholder/partnership cover through a buy/sell agreement to ensure capital is distributed as agreed.

Let us know if you have any questions as to whether or not your business is adequately covered in any of the above 3 areas.

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